KREDA-Prym Tailor’s chalk_slab with holder

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bijela krojačka KREDA za označavanje

sa držačem i brusaćem krede
Tailor’s chalk,
slab with holder = for tracing
and marking, white
  • Dressmaker’s chalk with non-slip holder
  • V-shaped blade for sharpening the chalk slab
  • Lid to seal the chalk securely
  • For tracing and marking
The classic marking tool among all the dressmaking and
sewing accessories is the dressmaker’s chalk from Prym.
So that the fingers are not permanently in contact with
the chalk, the chalk slab is supplied in a non-slip plastic box,
the lower half of which also holds the chalk.
On the upper side of the lid there is a small V-shaped blade,
which can be used to make sure that
the dressmaker’s chalk always has a sharp edge.


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