Quick triangle ruler 1/4 square up to 20cm 45° Omnigrid

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šifra: 611313

Patchwork TROKUT 1/4 za kvadrate
do 20cm, 45°
za rezanje sa kružnim nožem
i mjerenje preko podloge

Jaunty triangle, for ¼ square triangle, to 20cm

Dimensions: 237 x 120mm
Variant : up to 20cm

* Patchwork ruler for cutting ½ or ¼ squares
* Seam allowances are included in
the finished measurements
* Transparent plastic with black and yellow print

The “quick triangle” is particularly popular
for patchwork using fabric remnants Squares
can be cut quickly and easily from fabric strips
into two or four triangles without complicated
calculation and in the process the seam
allowances are taken into account.
The transparent, resilient plastic ruler with
its black and yellow grid markings and a choice
of a metric or imperial scale make it possible to
mark both dark and light fabrics accurately.
The grid is marked in 0.25 cm intervals,
offering even greater precision


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