Prym Love Organizer MULTI za špulice i magnet za pribadače i igle

120,00 kn (15,93 €) sa PDV

Dostupno za isporuku odmah

šifra: 610286

Prym Love Organizer MULTI
za bolji smještaj špulica i magnet za igle, pribadače…

bobbin ring for approx. 30 sewing machine bobbins;
magnetic pin cushion with groove and pull-out storage
box for straight pins; without contents

  • Thread cutter “Prym Love”
  • Bobbin ring for storing 30 sewing machine bobbins
  • Magnetic pincushion with recessed grip
  • Separate, close plastic canister for needles
  • Can also be used separately

This slick and mainly practical MULTI organizer from the
Prym Love series impresses due to its multifaceted functionality.
The organiser consists of a bobbin ring with integrated pincushion.
This magnetic pincushion holds the needles across
the middle recessed grip – this allows you to
convenient remove needles.
In addition, a removable storage box for needles is
located on the bottom side.
This pincushion’s heavy magnet and its non-slip silicon
feet provide a secure hold.
The bobbin ring, made of flexible mint-coloured plastic,
offers convenient room for roughly 30 sewing machine bobbins.
Pincushion and bobbin ring can be used separately.


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