KVAČICE za tkaninu vel. 2,6cm-12 kom_Prym Love

50,00 kn (6,64 €) sa PDV

Dostupno za isporuku odmah

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šifra: 610180


Kvačice (štipaljke) za tkaninu vel. 2,6cm
(12 kom. u pakiranju)

* kvačice pružaju sigurno držanje materijala
i koriste svugdje u šivanju umjesto pribadača
(ručni rad, Quilting, Paatchwork…) !

  • Convincing alternative to pins
  • For pinning together two or more fabric layers
  • Ideal for affixing quilt edgings

These fabric clips from the Prym Love series offer a successful
alternative to pinning with conventional pins.
These fabric clips are especially suited for fabrics on which
pinpricks could continually be seen, such as oil cloth or leather.
Thanks to the fabric clips, the material is easily and quickly
affixed, but not damaged.
They also offer firm support when stapling multiple fabric
layers and are ideal aids for affixing quilt edgings.
These fabric clips, made of premium plastic, are available
in two variants: as a card with 12 fabric clips in 2.6 cm or
a card with 8 fabric clips 2.6 cm in size
and 7 clips that are 5.5 cm.
Both variants offer a pleasant mix of colours with
blue, pink, purple, and red – this makes pinning
fabric even more fun.


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