Alat za Prym Color Snaps MINI 9mm plastične drukere za Vario kliješta

30,00 kn (3,98 €) sa PDV

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šifra: 673116
Alat za postavljanje plastičnih drukera

“Prym Color Snaps MINI ” promjera 9mm
sa Prym Vario kliještima

With this special Vario pliers tools set the Prym ‘Color Snaps MINI’ 9mm can be
easily installed The practical attachment is for all Snaps with a
diameter of 9 mm. Simply insert the tools in the Vario pliers
and get started with stars, hearts or roand designs of ‘Color Snaps’!
In each package there are three tool parts made of hard rubber,
plastic and metal – simply place the hard rubber buffer on the metal piece.


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