Walking foot za bernette b37_b38

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Walking foot
za bernette b37 / b38

The walking foot helps you to sew fabric that is difficult
to work with, such as deep pile materials, toweling,
cord or velvet.
It also provides perfect feeding for materials that slide easily,
such as leatherette or vinyl-coated fabrics that tend to slip.
This presser foot supports the feed of the fabric using
a second feeder mechanism from above.
It moves the fabric at the same pace as  the lower feeder
mechanism, thereby ensuring a smooth sewing experience.
The results are neat, smooth seams on home textiles and clothing.
The sole is already mounted, so you can start making your
ideas reality right away.


Switch off the machine. Loosen the screw and remove
the presser foot holder. Mount the walking foot onto
the presser foot holder and secure with the screw.

As you do this, make sure that the lever (1) is on the
needle clamp screw (2) and the attaching head (3)
is located on the left of the presser foot bar.

– Materials that tend to stick: leather, artificial leather
– Fabrics that tend to slip e.g. satin, velvet
– Quilting, stitch in the ditch quilting,
grid quilting (using the seam guide)



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