Ravnalo Omnigrid UNIVERSAL ruler 15x60cm za Patchwork

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šifra: 611308
Universal Ruler
univerzalno ravnalo za rezanje

sa kružnim nožem
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Whether on the cutting table or the sewing machine:
the Omnigrid universal rulers from Prym are indispensable
companions for patchwork, dressmaking and tailoring or
for graphic work. The yellow and black grid markings in
a metric or inch scale make it possible to mark accurately
on both dark and light fabrics. The scratch-resistant
laser print on the underside of the ruler prevents visual
distortion. Thick, resistant, durable material guarantees
safe guiding of rotary cutters and art knives on the cutting
mat. Some versions of the Omnigrid rulers also
have 30, 45 and 60 degree angle markings for
cutting out triangles, diamonds and strips on the bias.
To keep things tidy, it can be hung up by its eyelet.


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