Ravnalo Omnigrid ruler square 20x20cm za Patchwork

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šifra: 611655
Patchwork ruler square 20 x 20 cm
univerzalno ravnalo za rezanje
sa kružnim nožem
i mjerenje preko podloge

  • Special square ruler
  • For patchwork, tailoring and graphic designs
  • Accurate cutting for motif fabrics
  • Measurements: 20 x 20 cm
Cut squares or rectangles, check diagonals or centre motifs.
This Omnigrid® special square ruler makes child’s play of
accurate, efficient cutting out for patchwork projects.
This handy ruler is not just suitable for accurate cutting
out of motif fabrics; it is also ideal for producing squares
from strips on the bias and making quick corrections to
blocks of squares.
This popular Bias Square is available in centimetres
or inches – patterns in different languages can be
used rapidly and safely without any need to convert
the measurements.
It is also suitable for tailoring or graphic design – the square
ruler is a really valuable aid and is a must in every sewing corner.
Instruction book on basic cutting techniques included!


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