Prym OKVIR 36cm za ručno vezenje i Quilting

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šifra: 611682

Prym okrugli drveni
Quilting OKVIR za ručno štikanje
promjera 360mm

Quiltrahmen Buchenholz mit Schraube 23 mm x 36 cm
Quilting hoop beechwood w.screw 23mm x 36cm

  • Wooden frame for clamping quilt work
  • Made of multi-bonded beech wood
  • Smooth polished surface preserves the material
  • Brass adjusting screw for the perfect tension

Both of Prym’s round quilt frames are ideal for smoothly
clamping patchwork – this lets you quilt perfectly,
since its handy diameter of 36 cm and 40 cm and 23 mm
frame high allow for the tools to be rotated
and turned as needed.
Both of these quilt frames are made of multi-bonded
beech wood, making them extremely sturdy.
They are laterally equipped with a brass adjustment
screw and can therefore be finely adjusted to give the
material the ideal tension. In addition,
their smooth polished surface additionally
preserves the material.


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