Pen with fine oil 12ml – Olovka sa finim uljem 12ml

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šifra: 611992

Pen with fine oil 12ml – Uljenka sa finim uljem 12ml

  • For sewing machines, scissors, household items and much more
  • Precise, accurate work
  • Fine metal tubes, 40 mm long
  • Inclusive of anti-drop valve

When things don’t work this handy fine oil stick
is simply indispensable.
The transparent corpus of the stick shows you
the exact state of the oil and the soft, plum-coloured
grip is anti-slip. The transparent end cap closes and
protects the fine metal tubes.
The fine oil is ideal for lubricating, maintaining, cleaning
and protecting sewing machines, scissors and keys.
It can also be used in precision mechanics, in the household
and for many other purposes.
The innovative anti-drop valve means that every task
is particularly clean and in its turn the stick can be used
accurately and with precision.
The fine oil is resin-free and acid-free.