IGLE za šivanje rukom i udijevačem konca 49kom.

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Dostupno za isporuku odmah

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šifra: 128259

Sortiment od 49 raznih ručnih
igli sa uvođačem

Näh/Stick/Stopfnadel-Sortiment ST m. Einfädler

Sewing, embroidery and darning needles
assortment and threader, 49 Needles

  • Needle assortment; hand sewing, embroidery, and darning needles
  • Needles made of hardened steel with golden eye
  • Aluminium and spring steel threaders
  • As a re-closable needle case or blister card
These needle assortments contain 49 or 50 sewing, embroidery,
and darning needles in various sizes with a needle threader
in the form of a case that practically closes/opens or in the
form of a blister card.
Each needle has a crafted, burr-free golden eye and
is made of hardened, rust-protected steel.
The included aluminium and spring steel threader is a
known classic and a practical aid, particularly when
threading with small eyes.
Both needle assortments provide an extensive offering
of all conventional eye needles for all common sewing
and embroidery work.


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