igle 130/705N-MET Topstitch-Metallic mix 80-100 5kom.

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PRYM igle Topstitch-Metallic za metalizirane konce
130/705N-MET 80-100
paketić od 5 kom. sadrži :
2 kom. x debljina 80
2 kom. x debljina 90
1 kom. x debljina 100 

Special topstitch and metallic sewing machine needles with flat shank

This special sewing machine needle is a repair-stitching needle
for decorative and top-stitching work with heavy effect yarns
with several threads or for embroidery work with metallic yarn.
While the long needle eyelet and the enlarged nut ensure effortless
processing of heavy or doubled threads, the slightly rounded tip
effectively helps penetrate firmly woven fabrics.
These top-stitch and metallic sewing machine needles
with flat shanks are suitable for use with all conventional
household sewing machines.
The practical economy pack contains five needles – sorted into
the following thicknesses: 2 x 80, 2 x 90, and 1 x 100.