Gathering Foot za L450_L460

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Gathering Foot

Stopica za nabiranje
Kraeusel Naehfuss

The Gathering foot for the L450 & L460 makes quick,
easy work of sewing decorative ruffles. The  big plus
with this foot is that it allows you to gather a piece
of fabric and stitch it to a second, flat piece in a single
operation – saving you time and effort.
The fabric to be gathered is fed under the Gathering
foot’s flap, while the fabric that remains flat passes over it.
The bottom layer of fabric is gathered wth a 4-thread
stitch and stitched to the flat fabric. At the same time
as this is happening, the fabric edge is trimmed and neatened.
An edge guide on the side of this presser foot can be
adjusted via a screw. Suitable for use with a variety of fabrics,
the Gathering foot has a wide range of applications.
Use it  to construct decorative cushion covers and curtains,
as well as elegant blouses and evening wear.