Compensation plate za stopicu BERNINA br.3A za rupice

29,20  (220,01 kn) sa PDV

Dostupno za isporuku odmah

šifra: 0312477100

Fabric-feeding aid for sewing buttonholes
BERNINA compensation plate for sewing buttonholes

Koristi se sa stopicom br.3A za šivanje rupica
i to kod tkanina gdje je potrebna dodatna stabilnost
zbog debljine.

Fabric-feeding aid for sewing buttonholes

Tool for creating beautiful buttonholes

  • Optimal fabric feed when sewing buttonholes
  • On thick, fluffy and elastic fabrics
  • Combine with Buttonhole foot with slide #3A/3B

The Fabric-feeding aid for sewing buttonholes facilitates feed on thick, fluffy fabrics.
To achieve this, the feeding aid is used in conjunction with the
BERNINA Buttonhole foot #3A/3B to create a buttonhole foot with an especially wide sole.

The two plates of this accessory provide an additional feed surface,
pressing evenly on the material. This lets you produce neat buttonholes
with an even stitch pattern – even on challenging fabrics.
What’s more, the BERNINA special sewing accessories range also
offers a buttonhole leveler – a useful tool when sewing buttonholes on
fabrics of different densities, as well as on fabric edges.


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