BERNINA stopica br.71 Lap-seam foot 8mm

33,18  (249,99 kn) sa PDV

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šifra: 0084897300

BERNINA stopica br.71 Lap-seam foot 8mm
za srednje teške tkanine

Run and Fell Foot 8mm
Kapperfuss 8mm 

Lap-seam foot #71

Perfect for reversible clothing

  • For sewing precise lap seams
  • Lap seams are ideal for making reversible clothing
  • For lap seams with a width of 6 mm
  • For medium to heavy-weight materials
  • For 5.5 mm and 9 mm machines

When it comes to sewing lapped and flat-felled seams in heavy fabrics,
Lap-seam foot #71 is your dependable partner.

Use it to sew two-step flat-felled seams on jeans or sportswear
 simply by sewing the layers wrong sides together.
A channel on the left of the presser foot tip holds the turned-under
fabric in place for the second line of stitching.

By using Lap-seam foot #71 both raw edges are encased in the seam,
making this presser foot suitable for sewng reversible items of clothing.

The lap seam foot no. 70/71.
This foot is ideal for flat seams in sportswear,
jeans, or shirts. It is suitable for precise lap seams
and flat-felled seams on lightweight and mediumweight
Use foot no. 70 on fine fabrics and
foot no. 71 on medium weight fabrics.


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