BERNINA stopica br.70 Lap-seam foot 4mm

33,18  (249,99 kn) sa PDV

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šifra: 0084887300

BERNINA stopica br.70
– Lap-seam foot 4mm za fine tkanine
Run and Fell Foot 4mm
– Kapperfuss 4mm 

Lap-seam foot #70

Perfect for reversible clothing

  • For sewing precise lap seams
  • Lap seams are ideal for making reversible clothing
  • For lap seams with a width of 3 mm
  • For light to medium-weight materials
  • For 5.5 mm and 9 mm machines

Lap-seam foot #70 enables you to sew precise lapped and flat-felled
seams in light and medium weight fabrics.

The square toe on the right of the presser foot acts as a guide
for turned-under fabric edges on sportswear, jeans, and men’s shirts.

The small channel on the left-hand side of Lap-seam foot #70’s presser
foot tip holds the fabric edge in place for the second line of stitching.
This versatile presser foot is also suitable for sewing reversible garments.


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