stopica br.50 Walking Foot za BERNINA 1008

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BERNINA stopica br.50 za BERNINA 1008
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WALKINK FOOT with Seam Guide and Two Sole

  • With three soles for sewing, quilting and topstitching
  • For straight lines and accurate sewing
  • Perfect fabric feed and even stitch formation
  • Seam guides help you sew with precision
  • Materials that are stretchy or tend to stick

Three-sole walking foot with seam guide #50 is a wiz at working with challenging fabrics.
Especially well suited to machine quilting and to sewing “sticky” materials,
this foot also helps you match stripes and plaids by preventing the fabrics
that are being stitched together from shifting.

Three-sole walking foot with seam guide #50 features a standard sole,
a special quilting sole, and a sole with a central guide for edgestitching
and stitching in the ditch. In addition, its two seam guides help you sew accurately.
The result: projects with consistent stitching and perfectly matched patterns.

Discover your Three-sole walking foot with seam guide #50
in the BERNINA accessories range now!




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