BERNINA stopica br.46C Pintuck foot with clear sole

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BERNINA Pintuck and decorative-stitch foot
with clear sole #46C

  • Beautiful decorative stitches in between the individual pintucks
  • For sewing on ribbons
  • The clear sole ensures a good view of the sewing area
  • For 5.5 mm and 9 mm machines

Pintuck and decorative-stitch foot with clear sole #46C makes it a breeze
to sew fetching pintucks and then embellish them evenly.

The clear sole provides a perfect view of the stitching area at all times.
The pintucks are sewn first, with the finished pintucks lying in the grooves
on the bottom of the foot. In a second step, the Pintuck and decorative-stitch
foot with clear sole #46C is used to embellish the pintucks with precisely
parallel lines of stitching – so there’s no need to trace the lines beforehand.

The new presser foot sews pintucks and
decorative stitch patterns in perfectly parallel lines

Sew the first pintuck using a twin needle.
For the second pintuck place the fabric under the presser foot in
such way that the already sewn pintuck lies in one of the side
grooves of the presser foot.
The second pintuck will be stitched in an exactly parallel line
to the previous pintuck. Add decorative stitching between the
pintucks as desired – in full stitch width of 9mm,
and the clear sole always providing excellent view of the stitch area.
The pintucks are guided in the grooves of the presser foot,
thus enabling you to sew absolutely perfect,
parallel lines without tracing.

Dependinq on grainline, the result may be different – so ~ experiment on the straight grain,
then at a 90° angle to it. ~ Fine, soft fabrics are better for creating pintucks in than thicker fabrics.
With firmer fabrics, the result can be improved by a tauter bobbin thread.
In other words, with CB bobbin cases, the thread is threaded into the bobbin-case finger,
while with rotary-hook bobbin cases, the sewing is done with the embroidery bobbin case,
or the BERNINA 830 is threaded for embroidering.

When using couching thread, we recommend the cord guide, as shown in the picture.
Depending on the fabric’s transparency. a coloured thread can contribute additional
special effects; otherwise, thread colour is of secondary importance.
Bear in mind, though, that the colour of white or natural-coloured threads,
e.g. crochet threads. can be trusted never to rub off. Use dark colours when working with black fabrics.

A wing needle (H Wing 100) is used to create special hole-pattern effects in the decorative
stitches between the pintucks.
Particularly attractive hole shapes can be achieved with decorative stitches, such as simple
crosses or stars, in which the needle penetrates several times in the same spot.
Use e.g. a triple-zigzag, ladder- or featherstitch.

When using a machine with 9 mm stitch width to sew very fine fabrics such as curtain fabrics,
we recommend using a 5.5 mm stitchplate.
Stretch these fabrics slightly widthways when sewing, so that the sewn pintucks can be
more easily caught and guided by the grooves.

When beginning at an edge, start out sewing slowly,
until the machine can catch the fabric evenly.


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