BERNINA Patchwork rubna vodilica-seam guide

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BERNINA Patchwork rubna vodilica

Patchwork seam guide

Your professional for straight edges and seams

  • For precise sewing of patchwork and hems
  • Mount directly onto the edge of the foot
  • For precise hems and seams of any length
  • For 5.5 mm and 9 mm machines

The Patchwork seam guide makes it a breeze to sew accurate seams
when patchworking.
The guide is simply screwed onto the bed of the machine to the
right of the feed dog.

The guide rail allows the Patchwork seam guide to be pushed right
up against the edge of the presser foot or at a fixed distance from the presser.
This edge guide makes it possible to sew precisely aligned hems and seams,
even on long pieces of fabric.  

What’s more, this tool is the ideal partner for Patchwork foot #37 from the
BERNINA special sewing accessories range, a combination allowing you create
professional quality patchwork projects in next to no time.

Browse BERNINA’s extensive accessories range now, and discover the handy
Patchwork seam guide – your expert when it comes
to sewing straight edges and seams! 


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