BERNINA br.47 Spanish Hemstitch SET

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Spanish hemstitch attachment #47

Beautiful corded hemstitch

  • Binding fabric edges with or without cording
  • Creating finished edges with cording
  • To guide 5.5 mm cords, use the #20 foot
  • To guide 9 mm cords, use the #20C foot
  • For 5.5 mm and 9 mm machines

BERNINA Španjolski hemstich SET omogućuje da se pridruže
tkanine na rubovima definiranih udaljenosti ili napraviti rubni
završetak sa umetanjem ukrasne niti, pređom, TRIMS,
vrpce i
drugim uljepšavanjem unutar otvorenog međuprostora.

NAPOMENA: koristi se obavezno sa
BERNINA stopicom br.20/20C ili br.56 teflon
na modelima
BERNINA 330,350,380,530,550,580,830,activa,aurora,virtuosa,artistaBERNINA

The Spanish hemstitch attachment #47 is the expert when it comes to
sophisticated decorative techniques. This special accessory makes it a
cinch to sew edging to skirts and other garments.
Stitching fringe to curtains is also a breeze with the hemstitch attachment.

This accessory is also used to join individual pieces of fabric together when
extending tablecloths or runners. The Spanish hemstitch attachment #47 is
suitable for a variety of sewing machines. Simply attach presser foot #20 / 20C
and the hemstitch attachment and choose a suitable stitch.

 The fabric edges may be corded, folded or finished in other ways such as
hemmed or faced. This technique also works well when attaching decorative lace to fabric.
Ideas include:
– Embellishing the fronts of vests, jackets, or blouses
– Decorative edge on pillows, skirts, table or bed linens, kitchen or bathroom curtains
– Lengthening a hemline
– Heirloom projects

– Inserting decorative threads, yarn, trims, cord, or other embellishment within the open space


The Spanish hemstitch attachment allows you to join fabric edges at a defined
distance, or create edge finishes, e.g. with a cord. The different inserts are for
two different distances between fabrics and fOr fabrics of different
thicknesses – the wider insert being for 9 mm stitch width, for the
largest possible spacings.
All utility and decorative stitch patterns that do not include too many
or excessively long reverse stitches can be used. One-to-two mm thick
cording can be guided with this accessory as well.
The decorative stitches look completely different with cording,
which is why it makes sense to try out a number of them and jot
down your favourite anes.
For sewing without cord, as far as possible use decorative stitch es
in which the needle penetrates the fabric on the far left and far
right only (without intermediate stitches).
As a rule, the fabrics you use should at least be reinforced with
spray starch, or alternatively – dependingon the project – with
iron-on stabiliser. If you opt for the stabiliser, it should only
be cut out up to the folded edge.
Always cut the stabiliser with a rotary cutter – the only way you’lI end up with
absolutely smooth edges.
Tip: If you ‘re working several strips side-by-side, it makes sense to cut out the
stabiliser only and to iron the stabiliser to the fabric; with sufficient gaps, and
only then to cut out the fabric.
 Half a centimetre or so is sufficient asa seam allowance on the hern­stitch.
Neaten seam allowances before seWing thehemstitch.



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